Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Old new friend

I met this really nice, funny guy...

We have known each other for sometime
He wants to be my moon and stars
I basically know everything about him, but he does not know about my girlfriends, or my past...

He told me he loves me

It makes me scared
I will be a great mom to his children, but the worst wife he could ever ask for.
How does he know he loves me?
We have never kissed, not even held hands

He says he misses me

How do you miss someone you don't know?

Today I found out he met someone for him
There is a feeling of regret,  a feeling of happiness
Just a shame he didn't tell me himself

We use to be able to sit on a sand dune and watch the waves crash in the middle of the night. Smoking menthol sigarettes

I miss my old friend

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